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 Dean R. G. Anderson  



     Dean R. G. Anderson received his BS in Engineering from UCLA in 1975. Early in Dean's career, he worked for the Naval Weapons Center Station China Lake, Hill Air Force Base, TRW, and Unisys (now: L3 Technologies). Dean's innovations during that time period included developments in Missile Control Systems, Electronic Warfare, High Voltage Power Systems, Fiber-optic Communication Systems, and Microwave Datalinks.

     Since 1990, Dean has been involved in independent research and development in a variety of areas, including: Image Processing, Error Diffusion Printing, MEMS Fabrication Equipment, Viscous and Abrasive Liquid Metering for Digital Printing, Psychoacoustics, Hearing Aid Technology, Passive Acoustic Directional Amplifiers, Frequency Shifted Speech Information, Digital Signal Processing and Ultrasonic Ranging and Detection. Intellectual property stemming from some of these developments were subsequently acquired by others including one Fortune 100 company.

Dean R. G. Anderson
 Dean G. Anderson, M.D. 



     Dean G. Anderson graduated Magna Cum Laude from Brigham Young University with a B.S. in Zoology in 1999. His earliest published research focused on the biophysical properties of the channel protein gramicidin. Dean subsequently graduated from the University of Utah with his M.D. in 2003. He then went on to complete 5 years of residency training at the University of Utah and the University of Iowa. Dean G. Anderson, M.D., is a Diplomate of the American Board of Emergency Medicine and practices in a rural setting where he has found the greatest challenges and broadest possible applications for his specialty.

     In addition to his full time practice of emergency medicine, Dr. Anderson maintained an independent hearing office from 2010 through 2021. He has focused his research on audiology, specifically psychoacoustics, amplification and hearing devices. His first research in this field was published in 2011. He has subsequently produced a collection of intellectual property which he hopes will provide benefit to a wide range of users.

 Daniel J. Anderson



     Daniel J. Anderson is a highly experienced intellectual property attorney and businessman. Daniel currently lives in Phoenix, AZ where he is a partner at a boutique law firm focused on high stakes litigation. Daniel represents plaintiffs in complex commercial and intellectual property litigation as well as in post-grant patent proceedings before the United States Patent and Trademark Office.


     Prior to joining his current law firm, Daniel spent nearly a decade as corporate IP counsel for a large multinational semiconductor company. In that role, Daniel represented his client in a variety of legal matters, including: commercial contracts, mergers and acquisitions, data privacy, IP portfolio development, patent prosecution, information security, enterprise risk management, taxation and transfer pricing, joint development projects, technology licensing, and intellectual property litigation. During this time, Daniel also became a Certified Information Privacy Professional through the IAPP.

     Daniel attended Arizona State University where he earned both his MBA and Juris Doctor degrees. Before attending business and law school, Daniel received a B.S. in Applied Physics from Brigham Young University where he focused his studies on computational physics and semiconductor modeling. Throughout his career, Daniel has gained technical experience in the fields of semiconductor device and integrated circuit design, wafer processing and manufacturing, semiconductor packaging, computer architecture, software development, blockchain and cryptoassets, radio communications, medical devices, and consumer electronics.

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