Pixation's innovative hearing 
 technologies can deliver high 
 fidelity speech, intelligibility, and 
 low cost, all while meeting 
 expected FDA sound output levels 
 for OTC Hearing Aids. 

Pixation's cutting edge hearing aid technologies can be fully implemented with designs having a hardware bill-of-materials (BOM) as low as $10!

These designs focus on speech intelligibility, hearing in noisy settings, user control of listening preferences, and are expected to meet upcoming FDA requirements for safe sound output levels for over-the-counter hearing aids.  Turn to our technology page for downloadable design information: Application Notes, Schematics, Eagle Files, Gerber Files, and BOM.




Would you like to see our technology in action for yourself?

​Click here to schedule an in-person demonstration of our technology. We will fly anywhere* within the USA to provide demonstrations. NO Cost. NO Obligations. 

(Qualifying OEMs Only - Excepting COVID-19 Travel Restrictions)